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28 Jan

Kanoni and Mouse Island

Kanoni & Mouse Island

Located around 3 km from Corfu Town, Kanoni was once the capital and heart of Corfu, rich in nature, history and culture. The name Kanoni (canon) is derived from the canons that were protecting the city at the entrance of the lagoon. Nowadays, Kanoni is a quarter of Corfu Town, home to incredible views to two of Corfu’s most popular spots: the whitewashed church of Vlacherna and Corfu’s iconic landmark, the Mouse Island. For those who love planes, Kanoni is also the best place to watch planes take off and land right over your head, as its located just next to Corfu Airport!

Connected to Kanoni via a causeway, lies the beautiful 17th century church of Vlacherna, open to visitors only once per year, on the 6th of August where a religious celebration takes place. From this causeway, small boats depart regularly to Mouse Island. Mouse Island is a tiny island, with beautiful green tufts of tree and home to the tiny, 13th century church of Pantokrator. Legend has it, that this little island was formed when the ship that had taken Odysseus back to Ithaca, his home port, was turned into stone by Posidon, god of the sea, angry at being defied by the Phaeacians.

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